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Reclaimed Hardwood Assortment

Here's a nice assortment of quality recliamed hardwood for crafts and other hobby work. Birdhouses, craft boxes, intarsia, doll house furniture, small shelves, shadow boxes, and even some night stands are possible with this collection of wood.

We stuff a 12"x12"x3' box with 70 pounds of reclaimed wood. At 3.5 pounds per board foot, there's about 20 board feet in a box. 70 pounds is also an optimal weight for sending via DHL ground.

80% of it is in the 30 to 36" long, with a few shorts that have special character or are particularly clear.

Thickness is typically around 5/8 to 15/16 of an inch. These are usually pieces that were too thin for quality flooring. Ocassionally, some 2" material is available upon request.

Widths range from 2" to 12" with the majority in the 3" to 6" range.

Some have a planed surface with tongue and groove edges, while others are rough sawn. Of course, these will have typical reclaimed character marks such as: worm holes, varying patina, nail holes, broken nails, knots, cracks, and even the occassional bullet or shotgun blast.

Red Oak, White Oak, Red Elm, Yellow Elm, Rock Elm, Ash, and Maple are all available. Specify a mix or an individual species. Including shipping, mixed wood boxes cost $55.00 and single species boxes cost $65.00. (yes, this is one of those terrible times when the shipping costs more than the product).

Please call us at 888-350-4790 or email when you're ready to order. We will then check availability and provide pictures, a formal estimate, delivery terms, and payment information.

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