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Farm tables, harvest tables, rustic dining room tables -- by any name, they are a gathering place -- a place where we gather our family, pray for happiness, talk about the day, and share time with our friends. These tables carry a wonderfully rich tradition over time and in our hearts.

Browse some pictures of our work as well as a few different designs that we have selected out and priced. We custom build nearly all of our tables. Prices are based on size, style of wood, and design of the base. If you have something in mind, we can help design it.

At Antique Woodworks, we love to craft great tables. As we go through tens of thousands of board feet of wood for flooring, we run into some wonderfully unique pieces of wood that just cry out to become something special.
Turned Leg Farm Table

4x11 Oak Harvest Table
What a thing of beauty! A 4-foot by 11-foot white oak harvest table. This one will seat about 14 people comfortably at your next...
We find the piece of white oak that has great hand-hewn marks from a farmer over 150 years ago. We find red oak from a old log cabin with a stunningly warm, chestnut and auburn patina. We find slabs of wood that are 12 inches wide and 2 inches thick.

For a little more information, take a look at the wood countertop section of our website. You'll find even more pictures and some more information on wood varieties.

These tables give us an opportunity to create and let the wood speak. Of all the items in our shop, this is item where we really see customers wanting to go back to the piece to touch it and admire it. It's a tangible piece of history re-crafted into something special by the hands of a modern woodworker. It is, indeed, a wonderful thing.

It’s a real pleasure to be able to mix the old wood with some great metal work. The black hues that come out of the iron make the black worm trails and other character marks just pop with a great glow. This farm table is a completely original design. The metal base has been sandblasted then treated with tannic acid to darken it, but not give it a perfectly new even painted color. Think of it like gun bluing. The top is a reclaimed white oak from floor joists in an old granary.
see a set of build pictures...

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